Next Level Coaching draws on frameworks and tools from following:

  • Conversational Intelligence®
  • Solutions Focused Coaching approaches
  • Feedback Reports
  • Trust Catalyst Tool – is a snapshot of the behaviors and conversations that are driving trust or eroding trust in your workplace. The report provides you with ideas based on the TRUST model that you can implement to increase confidence, productivity, accuracy, collaboration, innovation, and “good vibes” among the workforce.
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Tools – This enable leaders to reflect on what they do with their emotional intelligence in the leadership of their staff. The GENOS model of emotionally intelligent leadership identifies six competencies. This can also be accessed through a workshop.
  • Everything DiSC – the DiSC® Management Profile which is a multi-level learning instrument that helps individuals assess to what degree they utilise each dimension of behaviour in a situation. There is also a Workplace Relationships version. These can also be accessed through workshops.


PocketConfidant: Self-coaching with AI: Real-time conversations that facilitate awareness, reflection and learning. PocketConfidant is the first virtual coach powered by AI, it’s a solution built to help individuals moving through life transitions, whether it is academic, personal or professional.