Nick is an ex-punk rocker.

Whilst his musical tastes have become more eclectic his desire to push the boundaries hasn’t.

His life motto is ‘living the width of life not just the length of it’.

He has an undying passion for learning and hopes this is never satiated, and has used this passion to continue his journey from student, to teacher, to Principal, to facilitator and coach, to business creator, and sometimes back again (if interested in the detail have a look at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickburnett)

Nick loves helping people and organisations grow and develop and his desire is to help everyone achieve their next level of greatness through change conversations.


Drew Allison (Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania)

Drew has more than 29 years experience in teaching, principalship, training, facilitation, coaching and consultation in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya and Jamaica. He is an independent behavioural consultant and Principal Tutor for Team-Teach Asia Pacific.

Drew has a Bachelor of Education (Hons) from the University of Gloucestershire, the National Professional Qualification for Headship, is a Professional Member of the Institute for Learning Professionals and the Institute of Conflict Management.

Jenny Cole (Western Australia, Northern Territory)

Jenny is tremendously sought after as a coach, facilitator and speaker because of her ability to challenge people to be their very best within a safe yet stimulating environment.

Having worked with thousands of leaders, teachers and those in corporate teams across Australia, Jenny has a wealth of experience. In her career she has been a teacher, school principal, coach and facilitator – as well as running her own business and being Mum to Albert the spaniel.

She is enthusiastic about the impact that Positive Psychology interventions can have on individual and workplace wellbeing. She can cite with conviction that her top 5 strengths are creativity, humour, kindness, curiosity and zest. She is working on perseverance and self-regulation through mindfulness – although frequently forgets or gives up!

People who work with Jenny say they felt inspired, motivated and supported by her, whether it be in a workshop, coaching or speaking engagement. A number of these people indicated Jenny’s coaching had been life changing for them.

Garry Day (Queensland)

Garry is an experienced educator, facilitator and executive coach currently working with Education Queensland on the Darling Downs. He has a particular interest and expertise in bringing about transformational change to individuals and organisations through coaching and reflective practices.

In his 29 years in education, he has worked across a range of teaching and leadership roles in primary and secondary schools, universities and a range of state and regional leadership roles.

Since 2010, Garry has specialised as coach, trainer and consultant to school and regional leadership teams. These diverse experiences introduced him to the power of strong relationships, clear communication and the diverse needs of individuals.

Garry is passionate about coaching and building the capability of others to be the best they can be.

Caroline Benedet (New South Wales, ACT)

Education Specialist – Career & Life Coach – Keynote Speaker – Facilitator – Retreats & Immersions

Carrie Benedet has a contagiously positive attitude to thriving in career and life. An education specialist with 25 years of experience in teaching, adult education, designing and facilitating professional learning and leadership programs, coaching, mentoring for workplace growth and performance. People are her business.

With a strong mindset and skillset of social and conversational emotional intelligence, coaching methodologies and leadership skills Carrie relishes working with motivated individuals, agile teams and large groups revitalising their purpose, direction, voice, mindset and relational skills.

Current professional certifications include GENOS International Emotional Intelligence Workplace and Leadership Assessments and Programs, IGNITE and The Mindful Leader; Growth and Solutions Focused Coaching; Change 2 Master Facilitation.

Globally, Carrie has presented at coaching and mentoring conferences in Oxford, UK, Wellington & Hamilton, NZ, Australia and USA. In June 2018, Carrie shared her insights on Emotional Intelligence in Education at the Game Changers Genos International Conference,Singapore.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 cutting edge Leadership Retreats and Immersions in Australia and New Zealand for leaders looking for a transformative edge to their purpose, performance and growth were co hosted with Dr Jan Robertson.

Being productive and thriving means Carrie keeps fit, walks and talks anywhere (Kokoda for her 50th birthday, first camping experience ever!) dances, loves to travel, and host friends and family celebrating whenever possible!
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carrie-benedet-61045a61


  1. Leadership and SEN – (ISBN 1843122855)
  2. Restorative Practices and Special Needs (ISBN 1849055432)
  3. Solutions Focused Special Education Practical and Inclusive Strategies For All Educators (ISBN 178592527X)

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